Executive production in Iceland.

Comrade film is the fruit of more than twenty years of adventures, unique experiences and friendships assembled around one passion, filming !
After more than ten years spent in Iceland working in the production service and events business, Jean-Michel Paoli decided to found Comrade film, his own little heaven, where you come for work and for lasting friendships.

The team

Comrade Paoli

Founder of Comrade Film , Jean Michel was the Head of Film Commission in South of France, a former Member of the Board of the National French Film Commission, organizing, over-seeing and financing a number of feature films, commercials and high-profile events with French and International production companies.
In Iceland since 2000, Jean Michel has worked as a service producer on numerous International commercials as well on Feature Film , TV programs and documentaries.
In 2009 he worked as a line producer on Rokland, an Icelandic feature film directed by Marteinn Thorsson.
In 2010 he create the Production Company Comrade Film.
Comrade Film provide production services in Iceland, Greenland,Finland and in Norway ,develop and produce feature films, TV programs, documentaries...

Comrade Dorflein

First introduction in 1993 during the scouting for the feature film (Le Hussard sur le toit), from there on Patrick Dorflein would become a great friend and a partner in crime…Real Iceland enthusiast he knows every path and crooked corner of this beautiful Island…After spending more than twenty years working as unit and production manager with some of the most prestigious directors in France and abroad, he decides in 2007 to settle near the lake “Laugarvatn” in Iceland, and became part of the Comrade film adventure in 2010.

Comrade Olafsdottir

Show me the money !
Johanna Marta Olafsdottir is the purse keeper of the firm,Champion of the Euro and the dollar, Johanna started her career in banking very early, and later she did her studies of international business in France, with a master in economics and international business she returned back to her native country Iceland in 1999 where she would work as head of marketing for a prominent bank and complete her education with a master in Corporate finance and then went on to become a financial advisor for Visa in Iceland. Johanna is the financial wiz of the family ,she has been an active member and cofounder of the party for more than twenty years and is in charge of all the accounting aspects of the organization.

Comrade Mika

The artist...
Mika, full name Michael Thor Paoli, member of the party since 1988. Just graduate from the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, got smitten by the cinema and stage bug at the tender age of six, when he used to sniff around his fathers work area during movie shoots…his thing are the costumes and wardrobe and the artistic aspects of the trade…he is fashion oriented, has a good knowledge of costume history and an eye for detail, which makes him a great commodity when it comes to esthetic issues.

Comrade Atsuko Sato

Freelance international liaison. She is a Japanese native who lives in Reykjavik and had been working in media for 15 years mainly as an associate producer and production coordinator in the US and Iceland.

Japanese profile:

フリーランス インターナショナルリエゾン。日本出身、アイスランド在住。アソシエイツプロデューサー及びコーディネーターとして過去15年に渡りアメリカおよびアイスランドの現場にてプロダクションビジネス経験を持つ。

Comrade Kiljan Vincent

Member of the Comrade film family since ...1994 . nickname Junior . Has been working in production since he was 14 years old.
The Production Manager , the future of the company with his brother Michael .
Il danse le Mia .